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Why ePotato?

Here are a just a few advantages of virtual potatoes over regular potatoes


Sending an ePotato is much better for the environment than sending a regular potato! It's milliseconds of server time over growing, fertilizing, transport and more!


Unlike regular potatoes, ePotatoes have full emoji-support. If your phone can display emojis, your ePotatoes can too!
 🤓 🥔 💚 ❗


Potatoes are needed in this world for nutritional purposes. Don't be careless and take potatoes away from the hungry to send messages. Send ePotatoes.

Instant and Secure.

As you of course know, a standard potato delivery can take up a week if you're shipping internationally. ePotatoes are delivered worldwide, instantly, with end-to-end AES encryption. They truly embody the future of communication.

By the way, ePotato is also open source:

So what do you say?