So I wanted to build a chain of lights for my room and the logical question was of course "What is the nerdiest way to do this?". And I think I found it: On this chain of lights, every bulb (there are 10) is individually controlled via a Raspberry Pi and a relay - circuit board I built.

The "Tau-Board"

Schematic Project

Schematic Tau-Board

As you can see, this is a professionally executed project ;-)
Anyway, because the lights are controlled by a Raspberry Pi, they can be accessed through the magic of the internet (hence this website). So if you want to control the lights in my room, click there:


If you're confused why it's called "tau", click here or here.
It's called a Raspberry Pi (Yes, it's a very bad pun).

The lights in action


No Connection


Light Controls

Click the lights to turn them on and off.



Color Allocation

Top Cities:


Tau Day 2017

This was about ten hours of live stream